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The resultant of this leads to oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) which causes permanent morbidity in the form of trismus and also can lead to potential possibility of oral cancer. Intra oral injections of steroids such as hyaluronidase and placentrex have been postulated by many studies. But this study was done to evaluate the efficacy of both these commonly used treatment modalities. A 1 year hospital based study was performed over 30 patients diagnosed to be having oral submucosal fibrosis. They were randomly given injection hyaluronidase and injection placentrex. In addition to this, routine haemogram was done and the inter incisor distance was measured before and after the treatment along with histopathological study of the oral lesions placentrex gel in marathi. With a prevalence of 0.31%, the males out numbered females. Majority of the patients were in their third decade. All patients chewed tobacco in one or the other form and 90% of them presented with burning sensation in the mouth. The mean inter incisor distance in our patients was 3.1%. A third of the cases were anaemic and two thirds had an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and serum globulin level. More than half the cases had an elevated absolute eosinophil count. All 30 biopsy specimens showed atrophic oral mucosa with subepithelial dense collagenised fibrous tissue. The group of patients who were treated with injection placentrex showed slightly better results than corticosteroids placentrex gel in marathi. The results were not statistically significant although clinically they were noteworthy.

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  • For healing, postoperative scars should be applied to the affected area until the skin has completely healed. The use of the placenta has clearly contributed to a significant increase in the self-regeneration mechanisms of the skin after a chemical injury. During the test, the skin was treated with acid, which in the control test caused a 25% dilution of the epidermis, while in the experiment, the skin treated with the placenta extract kept its thickness unchanged. A biomechanical study on the skin was also conducted, which confirmed the high efficiency of the placenta extract (Placent Gel) as an active component of cosmetics designed to combat skin aging and wrinkle formation. 3. It stimulates cell renewal, saturates the skin with oxygen, improves blood circulation, which helps reduce the number of existing wrinkles and prevents photo-aging of the skin.

Case studies

Applying the placenta extract to the skin with all tests quadruples the productivity of protein synthesis in keratinocytes. After applying the active mixture, an absolute increase in lipid synthesis was observed in all cells, while the production of ceramide increased by 70%, the production of triglycerides (neutral fats) increased by 20% and the production of cholesterol has increased by 30%. The test was conducted with the participation of 15 volunteers. After 4 weeks of use of the drug Placentrex Gel, a comparative analysis of the skin micro-relief was carried out in the control and in the experiment. It was found that the depth of wrinkles expressed under the influence of the drug decreased on average by 21% and the depth of small wrinkles by 38%.

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